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If you are driving an SUV or a Jeep Wrangler and you are into camping and love staying outdoors, an SUV tent could be one of the most ideal accessories you can include in your shopping list for camping gear. That is why buying a tent must be considered carefully to make sure the one you will buy will be efficient and durable once you use it outdoors.

SUVs and Jeeps are also ideal for outdoor activities like camping and with a good SUV tent, you would not need an RV to enjoy the great outdoors. Rightline Gear has come up with an highly durable and totally weatherproof SUV tent that can be used with your Jeep or SUV. This can be easily attached to the rear of your vehicle and provide you with an additional eight feet of sleeping space that can accommodate up to four persons.

suv camping tent

It’s The Right Way to Camp!

The SUV tent from Rightline Gear allows you to enjoy outdoor camping without having to sacrifice the comfort and luxury of your home. With its adjustable vehicle sleeve, you can connect the SUV tent to a wide variety of vehicles with rear hatch doors or rear barn doors like a Minivan, Wagon, Jeep, Crossover and almost all models of SUV’s.

Its innovative design also allows you to easily disconnect the SUV tent from your vehicle so you can continue your outdoor adventures for the day. Even with the versatile features of a Rightline Gear SUV tent, this has not reduced its weatherproof features. This tent comes with Rightline’s patented weatherproof features that helps protect occupants from rough weather even from nasty storms. This tent has weatherproof technology and is constructed using water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams, webbing, and anti wicking thread. The unique design makes sure that people inside will stay dry regardless of the rain.

The tent also comes with a bathtub like flooring with waterproof features such as upturned floor seams. This tent is also constructed with a high quality, durable wind responsive frame, including guy out triangles for anchoring the tent and fully redesigned poles to ensure resiliency. This results in a dry tent inside even if it is raining hard outside.

camping tent

suv camping tent

camping tent

It’s Easy to Assemble!

The Rightline Gear SUV tent is very easy to connect to your vehicle. You just have to fasten the vehicle sleeve using the loop fasteners and dowel and you are good to go. The vehicle sleeve provides full coverage for the rear of your SUV and you can use it as an additional sleeping area, or for additional storage.

It’s Quite Versatile!

The Rightline Gear SUV tent offers a wide variety of uses. Apart from being an additional sleeping area, you can also use it as a portable changing room. This is also fitted with two gear pockets a glow in the dark zipper pulls and an integrated hook to hang your lantern.

Due it’s large size, this SUV tent can accommodate up to four adults and the vehicle cargo area can sleep up to two adults. This tent also features a no-see-um mesh windows and doors complete with storm covers that guarantee your privacy while keeping you dry when it’s raining. Special attention has been given to make sure the tent’s design will maintain its water-resistant features no matter how strong the downpour is.

In conclusion, a Rightline Gear SUV tent offers a roomy space for your outdoor camping needs. And with its very affordable price, there is no excuse why you should not include this on your next shopping list.


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