Chrysler Pacifica; Consumer Alert; Don’t Buy One Without This Accessory!

Many of our customers report that they had problems entering and exiting their Chrysler Pacifica due to the fact that it sits a little bit to high. This was especially the case for elderly handicapped; or young children as well. Well a pair of our custom running boards happened to be the perfect solution. These custom running boards can give you that extra step you need to comfortably enter and exit your vehicle with ease. Not only are these running boards functional, but they are stylish as well.

These running boards will be a perfect fit for your Chrysler Pacifica. These are not a universal fit item that can be installed on many different makes and models. Our Chrysler Pacifica running boards are made specifically to fit your vehicle with an exact fit. No need to worry about fitment issues or installation problems. Installation of these will require no major modifications to your vehicle.


Chrysler Pacifica Running Boards

Chrysler Pacifica Running Boards

Chrysler Pacifica “TPO” Running Boards

Our Chrysler Pacifica running boards can be installed with no drilling at all. The brackets included with the kits can be bolted to the existing holes in the underside of your vehicle. This makes installation simple and easy. This is definitely something that you can tackle yourself as we include all necessary hardware and instructions to complete the installation. Should you run into any issues at all, we offer free factory technical support to answer all your questions. All our running boards also come as a complete set, so our prices reflect everything you need for the pair.

Once you have decided to get a set of running boards, you have a couple of options. You can select the black satin finish that looks great on any color vehicle. Or you can opt for the fiberglass option that can be painted to match your vehicle. Whichever you choose, the finished product will look great and will serve you well in providing some extra stability for stepping in and out of your Chrysler Pacifica.

These running boards are a great help for older or disabled people. They help to provide easy step access for entering and exiting your vehicle. This product is also rock solid. You can step onto the running boards with confidence knowing that they are not going to budge. They will allow you an extra spot for stable footing so that you don’t have to make such a high step all the way into the vehicle.

In addition to older people, these running boards are very useful for people with children. It can be difficult for a child to step into a vehicle that sits a little taller, but these running boards can solve that problem. These can help children to enter and exit the vehicle all on their own. It makes them feel like big kids, and it also saves you some time because you will not have to help the kids into the car. Just open the door and they can step right in!

Our running boards are not going to break the bank either. They are very affordable, and with installation being so simple, you can perform that yourself as well. No need to spend money on additional installation charges on a complicated install. Simply follow the included instructions, and you will have these on and ready to go in no time.

Not only are these running boards very useful for an extra step and stability, but they also look great on your vehicle. A nice set of black satin or painted running boards really completes the look of your Chrysler Pacifica. They give your vehicle a finished look that is not achieved otherwise.

Running boards can also help protect your vehicle from minor dents and dings as you are driving, as they can help prevent road debris from flying up and hitting the side of your vehicle. Small rocks and other things that might otherwise ding the side of your car will simply hit the underside of the running board and will be prevented from flying all the way up onto the side of your vehicle.

Whether you need the extra step or just want to finish the look of your Chrysler Pacifica, our running boards are a great choice. With simple installation and an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with this item. They are built to last, and you will be satisfied with these for years to come. Order your set today, and you will be glad you did.


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I wanted to thank you a your company for the QUALITY running boards for my 2011 Acadia Denali, no one else in the business not even GMC makes running boards for this model. I get so many compliments on the paint match up, and how great they look on my Acadia. My salesman at the dealer was really impressed with the quality and look, as well as some of the mechanics. I’m very happy with the product, so I just wanted to let you know, thanks again.

D. Fletcher
Largo, Florida

Hey Ron!

Can’t thank you enough!!!! the “Running Boards are AWESOME”!!!! It is one of the best things I have purchased for any of my cars. My SUV looks GREAT!!!! and I have been getting a lot of compliments about how the truck looks so I have been giving out your website. Thanks’s again!!!!

J. De La Paz
Los Angeles, California

Thank you Ron for the follow up. I did receive my running boards and they arrived quickly; well packaged/ protected and the paint was very close to the factory finish. I’m very pleased with the product; and especially the service. Keep up the good work; you have won a repeat customer with me.

S. Morland
Woodland Park, Colorado

Dear Ron:

The running boards for my 2011 Explorer arrived yesterday and Ford installed them today. Took longer than mentioned; but the results are great. My dealer was very impressed.

They look like they were made for it; and not an add on.

Thank You!
J. Leighton
Phippsburg, Maine