Don’t Rely on your Cell Phone in a Remote Area; Instead Use a Bivy Stick!

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If you enjoy getting out into the great outdoors you know the importance of being able to communicate with the outside world. These links can greatly assist you in navigation, providing your location to loved ones and preparation for adverse weather events. It can also be critical to saving lives in an emergency. Many people rely on their cell phones to provide these vital services and they work great as long as you are within range of a cell tower. Unfortunately, cell service can fade quickly and disappear altogether even in civilized areas. For this reason, relying on a cell phone for emergency communications, transmitting your location or even basic navigation can be a serious mistake. This is where the Bivy Stick steps in.

The Bivy Stick is a small and simple device that breaks your cell phone’s reliance on cell towers and allows it to communicate through a satellite connection, converting your cell phone into a satellite communicator anywhere in the world. As long as you can see the sky, the Bivy Stick will connect your cell phone to the outside world. Let’s take a look at how the Bivy Stick works as well as the essential functions it provides that no adventurer should be without.


What is the Bivy Stick?

The Bivy Stick is a small (4.5” x 1.9” x 0.8”) battery powered device that acts as a bridge between your cell phone and the Iridium satellite network. All of the satellite connection and communication services are handled directly by the Bivy Stick within its durable IPX7 waterproof housing. No external parts or antennas are necessary. Your cell phone connects to the Bivy Stick via wireless bluetooth forming the bridge between the phone and the satellite. A free app allows you to create an account to manage your satellite services, download and manage offline maps, send and receive messages and more.

The Bivy Stick also has some critical built-in features which work independent of an attached cell phone. This includes the stand alone emergency button. Pushing this button will activate your locator beacon and alert emergency services that you are in distress. This works even if your cell phone is dead, lost or destroyed.

Battery life on the Bivy Stick is excellent, offering up to 120 hours (5 days) of normal operation between charges. Charging is simple and can be done with a standard USB-C cable (included) from any USB power source including portable cell phone power packs.

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What does the Service Cost?

The Bivy Stick satellite service is exceptionally affordable and flexible. Unlike most satellite phone and communication devices, the Bivy Stick does not require an extended service contract. Instead, the app allows you to customize the service to your needs on a month to month basis.


Quickly and Easily Access “MAPS”



What are the Capabilities of the Bivy Stick?

The remaining features offered by the Bivy Stick are packed away in the Bivy Stick app. This app allow you to manage your account, send and receive text messages, manage offline maps, map and track your position on those maps, share your position, get weather reports, track your altitude, request help and communicate with emergency responders during an emergency event. Unlike most satellite communication devices of this type, your Bivy Stick as assigned a unique phone number and email address when you establish service. These numbers allow your Bivy Stick to receive unsolicited incoming messages, allowing people from the outside world to contact you directly no matter where you are.

Is the Bivy Stick easy to take with me?

Absolutely! The small size and light weight (3.4 oz) make it the perfect emergency device to bring on any trip, even when packing super light for days or weeks in the backcountry. It comes standard with a carabiner, cord and 1/4-20 mounting adapter which allow it to be easily attached to most backpacking rigs, bikes or clothing for hiking, skiing, hunting, ATVing, paragliding or snowboarding. It’s small size allows it to easily be stored in a small compartment on a boat, plane or RV. You can also opt for the optional 48 piece mounting kit which allows it to be professionally attached to just about anything so it’s right there when you need it. As a bluetooth device, it can function away from your phone up to the limits of your bluetooth connection so it does not need to be physically on you to provide the vital satellite link.


For any type of adventure whether it be in a secluded remote mountainous area; or on a deep sea fishing excursion; you can be sure that the Bivy Stick will be your perfect companion. From providing you with maps; text messages; and most importantly emergency locator services at the press of a button; you can be assured that you will have the utmost communication wherever you happen to travel.

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