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There is something about an outdoor gazebo that adds an extra touch to your backyard activities. Whether it is a picnic, an outdoor BBQ, or just sitting and talking with family and friends, a gazebo or canopy is a great place to hang out all year round. It can provide shelter from the rain and protection from pests and bugs. You will want to stay outside on your gazebo all day long!

The number of activities you can have in your gazebo are endless. First, it can provide a shady spot to simply relax and socialize. Invite some friends over and sit outside under your canopy to talk and catch up. You will be shaded from the sun, and a gazebo or canopy will even provide protection from the rain. So, you can even sit outside and enjoy the outdoors on those rainy days. The smell of an afternoon summer rain shower is something that everyone should experience, and you can sit under your gazebo and enjoy it while staying nice and dry.

Summer also brings great outdoor BBQs with friends and family. A gazebo is a great place for that because of its multi-functional purpose. It provides a cover for shade and rain protection, but it is also open enough for the smoke to escape as you are cooking some delicious food. The smell of great barbecue will fill your yard and have your neighbors all coming to see what you are cooking.

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If you enjoy photography, a gazebo is a perfect place to take amazing photos. It will add a special ambience to photos, especially for prom or a wedding. These structures have a very romantic architecture, and they photograph amazingly well. Your photos will be taken to the next level when your subjects are able to pose on this gazebo or underneath the canopy. Now every photo you take will look like a professional!

In addition to the items mentioned above, these gazebos simply make your backyard look great! They provide a focal point for your yard and are very warm and inviting. The landscape of your yard will look amazing with one of these gazebos as the centerpiece. Everyone who enters your yard will be drawn toward the structure for resting and relaxing.

You can also use these structures as an outbuilding if you need it. Especially during the winter months, you can store lawn equipment, firewood, or other things safely out of the rain and elements. Your patio furniture will last much longer when you store it underneath the canopy so that the sun and rain are not constantly beating down on it.

These gazebos do not just have to be used at home either. Place it at a church or other venue and use it for special events like weddings or birthday parties. It can be a great place to host the main event or simply use it as a reception area for snacks and drinks. Either way, people will love hanging out around it and the way it looks at the event.

Our gazebos and canopies come in a variety of styles and sizes. From a simpler 10’ x 10’ canopy to more ornate 2-tier gazebos with mosquito netting, we have what you are looking for. Most of our gazebos feature steel construction with polyester netting, and they are all extremely durable. If you are looking for something even more durable, we offer options that include a metal roof as well. The powder coating finish helps to ensure that the color you choose stays looking great for years to come, and you will not have to worry about chipping or fading.

Assembly is simple and straightforward, and you can complete it on your own in most cases. If you run into any problems, our technical support team is always standing by ready to assist you. All the hardware and instructions that you need are included with your purchase, so you will just need a few basic hand tools to have this gazebo ready for your next backyard gathering. You will not be disappointed in this product, and you will want to spend all your time in your new backyard oasis.


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