Got a Messy Truck Interior? Easily Eliminate that Clutter with Du-Ha!

Quickly and easily eliminate all of that clutter inside your truck with a Du-Ha Underseat Storage Box!


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If you are a truck owner, you know firsthand how valuable additional storage space in your truck can be. Finding places to store your tools, guns, and other items can sometimes be a hassle. Enter the DU-HA seat storage box. This is a great solution that allows you to store all your items safely away under the rear seat of your truck. Once you use this storage box, you will wonder where you put all your gear before you got it!

You will no longer have to stick items around everywhere in your truck. We have all done it. Putting one thing in the glove box, another in the seatback pocket, and another in the console is not a great way to store your items. This is not organized at all, and you can never find specific items when you need them. The DU-HA seat storage box solves this problem by giving you room to store everything in one, easy to access spot. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely organized!

This storage box fits easily into a space that is normally very underutilized. The box slides right under your rear seat and maximizes the amount of storage space. It provides you with ample storage room that uses what is normally a dead space under your seat. It provides plenty of room for all your gear and even your guns!

You never have to worry about this storage box not fitting under your seat either. These boxes are made specifically to fit your exact make and model. The fitment will be perfect, and it will stay securely in place using the included fasteners. Simply lift the rear seat, slide it into place, and attach the fasteners. Installation is super quick and easy! If you do run into any issues with the install, our free technical support is always available to help resolve the problem.

If you are looking for organization, this will also solve that problem. The included dividers allow you to organize all your gear and keep it that way. They are sturdy and will stay in place while driving around town or at the hunting club. Speaking of hunting clubs, the dividers also double as a gun rack! You will have plenty of space to store your guns right in this storage box. It holds your guns upright, and it is considered a legal gun case in most states!

You will not be disappointed in the durability of this seat storage box. It utilizes roto-molded construction from heavy-duty polyethylene. It is sure to stand up to the heaviest of usage. You can be comfortable loading all your things into it knowing that it is up to the task.

Once you begin using this storage box, be prepared for your friends to start asking where you found such a great accessory! When they see you loading and unloading all your gear from under your seat, they will be amazed. Plus, they will be shocked at how organized all your gear stays when you use the included dividers.

This DU-HA seat storage box is made proudly in the United States. You can also select a color that matches the interior of your truck. You can find a box that will fit your application for nearly any truck you might own. Whether you have a Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Ford or other brand, we have you covered. You can also select from Black, Tan, Khaki, Ash, Brown, and many other colors. Just like the make and model, the color is made to specifically match your interior, so you will not be disappointed in how this box looks in your truck!

What is not to love about this storage box! It is inexpensive, installs in minutes, looks great in your truck, and keeps all your gear neat and organized. It includes a lifetime warranty, and we guarantee that you will love it. Once you see how much you can store in this box, you will wonder why you waited so long to buy it. Never again will you be looking for places to put things in your truck. Now you can store everything in one spot and keep it all organized.


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