Help Protect your Trailer; Boat or Towed Vehicle With These Rock Tamers Mud Flaps!

mud flaps

Towing a trailer or boat safely requires a lot of specialized gear which is designed to keep your tow vehicle, and the towable from being damaged while making your overall travel experience more enjoyable. Specialized anti-sway hitches, wireless rear view cameras, tow mirrors, advanced trailer brakes and brake controllers are common towing products we all purchase to make traveling with a trailer safe and enjoyable. While we put a lot of effort into keeping ourselves safe, we often overlook keeping the trailer, boat or towable free from incidental damage like rock damage coming from the rear tires.  Rock Tamer mud flaps are an ideal solution for this issue. Let’s take a look at these towing specific mud flaps to see why they are one of the best solutions for protecting your towable from rock and road debris damage.

mud flaps

What are Rock Tamer Mud Flaps?

Rock Tamer Mud flaps are purpose-built mud flaps designed to protect your trailer or boat from road debris that is kicked up from your rear tires.

But I have mud flaps, why are these better?

Standard mud flaps installed on your vehicle are really only designed to protect the body and paint of the vehicle immediately behind the wheels. This means they have several limitations which allow road debris to fly past them and right into the face of your towable. In most cases, they are installed directly behind the tire at the base of the wheel well. They hang down only a couple inches from the wheel well and they are rarely wider than the tire itself.  Rocks and other road debris can easily pass under these types of mud flaps at an angle which will miss your vehicle and fly directly into your towable, causing stone chips, dents and other expensive damage. Rock Tamer mud flaps are designed to block the debris your regular mud flaps miss. They are mounted at your tow hitch – or behind your back bumper. They hang much lower, within an inch or so of the ground and they are much wider than standard mud flaps.  This design creates a wall across the back of your truck which will catch and deflect any debris coming off your tires before it has a chance to damage your trailer.

mud flaps

mud flaps

Watch the below short video to see these rock guards in action!

Are they hard to install or remove?

Rock Tamer mud flaps are extremely easy to install. Both mud flaps are mounted to bars which are in tern attached to a 2”, 2.5” or 3” receiver ring (depending in model) that slips over your trailer hitch when you install it.  Installation and removal is as simple as sliding your hitch through the mounting hole and installing the hitch in your receiver. Removal is the reverse. This incredible design means you can easily install your rock tamers only when you are towing and restore your truck back to a stock look when you’re not.

Watch the below video to see how easily they are installed!

What other features make Rock Tamers stand out?

Rock Tamers are made from a 3/8” thick fiber reinforced rubber material with an anti-splash backing pattern to minimize road spray in wet conditions. The flaps come oversized with pre-molded cut lines so you can cut them to the desired height. The bars which connect the flaps to the receiver plate are zinc coated steel for rust resistance and they include a stainless cover tube for optimal appearance.  These rods also allow the mud flaps to be adjustable for width. The receiver mounting bracket is black powder coated forged aluminum which provides a solid and durable attachment point to your truck. All the included hardware for attaching the flaps to the mounting components are stainless steel for great looks and years of dependable service.

There are two sizes available which will fit nearly any vehicle on the market.  Model 108 covers widths from 67 1/4” through 96 3/4”, while model 110 covers widths from 67 3/4” through 97 1/4”.

Are Rock Tamers expensive?

No, a complete set of Rock Tamers are easily less expensive then the repair cost of even a couple stone ships in a boat or trailer.  Rock Tamers will likely pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan.


Hopefully you try to put a lot of time, money and effort into making towing your boat or trailer a safe and enjoyable experience. Rock Tamer mud flaps extend that safety and protection to the front of whatever you are towing by deflecting rocks and other road debris away from the front of your towable. They are a durable, attractive, affordable and easy to install solution which can be easily removed when you are not towing. To protect your towable while on the road, order your set today.


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