Here’s Why Contractors Prefer The DECKED Toolbox!

Are you a painter, plumber, or handyman who has a need for easy to access, secure toolbox storage in your truck or van? Or perhaps you are an outdoor enthusiast who needs a way to transport their hunting, fishing, or outdoor gear. Maybe you just have a need for a weatherproof toolbox storage in the back of your truck, while still having full use of the truck bed? If any of these apply to you, then the DECKED toolbox storage system is what you are looking for!

truck bed storage uses

The DECKED toolbox truck and van storage systems have revolutionized the truck toolbox industry. This is a low-profile toolbox storage system that is compatible with many full-size trucks and vans. The rugged storage drawers slide out at waist height, while still allowing full use of the truck bed. You won’t find another system for truck bed storage that matches the ease of use and convenience of this one.

how the decked storage works

WOW! Watch the above short video of it’s many benefits!

This storage system is a custom fit solution that works with many full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans. The DECKED system is easy to install or remove, and it can be configured to fit a variety of needs. Select the optional drawer dividers or the divided storage boxes for the pinnacle of organization.

advantages of decked storage

close up of truck bed storage toolbox

The DECKED truck and van storage systems are made from recycled high density polyethylene. This is an incredibly resilient, UV treated plastic that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This combination produces an extremely durable product that is lightweight yet has a distributed payload rating of 2,000 pounds.

In addition to the HDPE material, there are many other features that make this system highly durable. First, there are 4 sealed wheel bearings per drawer. This ensures that the drawers will continue to slide with ease for years to come. Next, it includes powder coated carbon steel C-channels and carbon steel and zinc chromate drawer brackets. This system is truly built to last.

decked storage specifications

Did we mention that the DECKED systems are weatherproof? Unlike many traditional truck tool boxes, you don’t have to worry about your tools or gear getting wet during inclement weather. They will stay safely and securely organized in the drawers until you need them.

You can get this storage system in either a short or standard length. The short version measures 64.5 inches in length while the standard version measures 75.25 inches long. Each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds, so you can pack them full without worrying about overloading the capacity! Regardless of your vehicle, we likely have a system that will fit. We have systems for nearly every full size truck and cargo van made since the late 90’s.

Installation is easy since the system attaches to your existing bed tie downs. It very rarely requires any drilling. If you do run into any questions during installation, our free tech support is always available and ready to help. Removal is a breeze as well, so if you change vehicles, you can easily move this system over to your new vehicle!

Not only can this system support up to 2,000 pounds of payload capacity, built it was also designed with mounting in mind. There are visible dimples on the surface of the deck to indicate where the steel tubes run. These serve as excellent mounting points for a variety of accessories like ladder racks, slide systems, additional tool boxes, and more. This tremendously optimizes the utilization of your truck bed.

You can fully customize this system to meet your needs. You can add locks, trays, dividers, CoreTrax, and T-tracks. For the outdoor enthusiast, you can rest assured that your firearms will be secure in this storage system. Lock the drawers and then lock your tailgate to rest easy that your firearms are stored safely and securely out of sight.

Proudly made in the USA, you will not be disappointed with the quality or craftsmanship of the DECKED storage system. It will meet all your storage needs and keep your items secure and weatherproofed in the process. You don’t have to make any sacrifices as you still get access to the full footprint of your truck bed. Simple installation and removal make this a must have for any truck or cargo van owner. Order yours today!


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