How to Protect your Trailer; Boat or Towed Vehicle with Rock Tamers Rock Guards!

mud flaps

It’s one thing to be towing a nice looking trailer; boat or towable down the highway on your weekend outing. However, you don’t want your trailer; boat; or towed vehicle to LOOK like it has fought off everything under the sun when you finally arrive at your destination!

So, how do you easily protect your trailer; boat; or towable from road debris and rocks and so forth?

Easy… With our Rock Tamers Rock Guards!

Rock Tamers Rock guards may be small, but they take care of a whole lot. Because they sit in the same spot as mud flaps, they prevent rocks and other road debris from damaging the front of your trailer; boat or towable. That way, you won’t end up with a bunch of nicks and dents when you get to your final destination.

Talk about having a valuable towing accessory!

mud flaps

However, the key to getting the most out of your rock guards is to make sure they’re made out of the right material. If you opt for rock guards that are shaped like brushes or “ribbons” of rubber, you won’t get as much protection as you need. Instead, you need something that’s made of solid heavy-duty plastic. That way, your rock shields won’t let anything get past them!

mud flaps

Luckily, our Rock Tamers Rock Guards can be easily attached or removed from any standard 2” receiver hitch in just moments. Also our rock guards can be easily adjusted to the proper height so that it provides maximum protection for your trailer; boat or towable.

Best of all, Rock Tamers Rock Guards aren’t very expensive. In fact these rock guards can potentially pay for themselves in a very short time by protecting and preventing expensive damage to your trailer; boat or towable caused by rocks and other road debris. You’ll wind up with an investment that pays for itself the next time you hit the open road!

Watch the above short video to see these rock guards in action!

Watch the above video to see how easily they are installed!

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