So What’s the Big Deal About this CTEK Portable Battery Charger?

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Have you got a Dead Battery? Discover the World’s First Multi-Purpose Portable Battery Charger!

Yes battery powered devices have become a staple in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it seems like with each new battery powered device we need another device to keep it running in tip top shape. Battery chargers, battery maintainers, and powerbanks to carry extra charge for all your devices are probably piling up around your home. What if you could replace all those devices with a single, three pound, portable device that you can take and use anywhere? The new CTEK CSFree does just that. This new device is billed as 4 devices in one – offering battery charging, adaptive boost charging, battery maintaining and powerbank functions in one small portable unit. This device offers a lot more than that so let’s dive in and see what it can do for you.

ctek battery charger


portable battery charger

How does it work?

The CTek CSFree Battery Charger includes an internal battery, built in control electronics, a USB C port for power in and USB-A, USB-C, and DC charge outputs for connecting to devices to charge, maintain or run. The unit comes standard with an external AC power input cable which is used to power the device when AC power is available. When not connected to an AC outlet, the CSFree Battery Charger will operate from its internal battery.

All of the functions available on the CSFree Battery Charger are controlled through a simple single push button interface. It uses smart sensing technology to automatically detect attached batteries and provide the necessary boost, standard charge, or maintenance modes to keep those batteries properly charged. When connected to an external power source, the CSFree Battery Charger gives priority to attached batteries. It will charge those before charging its own internal battery.

The CSFree can be used with lead acid and LiFePO4 batteries. It automatically senses the battery type and applies the appropriate methods to charge, maintain or boost those batteries. Let’s take a look at the four main functions the CSFree offers, all of which can be done using the CSFree while attached to an outside power source, or directly from its internal battery.

ctek battery charger

Battery Charging:

The CTek CSFree has full battery charging capabilities. The battery charge port allows you to charge larger 12V batteries like those found in your car, boat, motorcycle or RV. Smaller USB powered batteries can also be charged using the accessory USB-A and USB-C output ports.

The charging of batteries connected to the charge port is monitored through LEDs surrounding the main interface button on the top of the unit. As the attached battery charges, the LEDs light in sequence to give a clear visual indication of the battery’s charge state.

Smart Battery Maintainer:

The smart battery maintainer function applies the necessary voltage and current to your fully charged battery to keep it in great condition. This function keeps any car, RV, boat, motorcycle, utv and 12V farm equipment battery healthy and fully charged during long term storage.

Adaptive Boost Battery Charger:

The adaptive boost charger function kicks in automatically when you attach a dead 12V DC battery to the DC charge output port. This CSFree will detect how low the battery charge is and apply an appropriate current to bring it back up to an operational voltage. This can take up to 15 minutes depending on the state of the battery being boosted. An LED indicator will show when the process is complete. Once it is, the battery can then be used to start your vehicle or be put back into regular use. Alternatively, the CSFree can also be switched into charge mode to bring the battery back to full charge. Once fully charged, the CSFree will automatically switch into maintenance mode to maintain the battery until its next use.


The CSFree powerbank function will power or charge any device which can operate via a USB cable. The capacity of the internal battery is much greater than your typical portable powerbank. That larger capacity allows more charges per device and more time between recharges of the powerbank.

The Bonus Features:

CTek Battery Charger bills the CSFree as 4 devices in one, but it is really a whole lot more than that. The standard kit includes an AC power adapter to run and charge the CSFree from a standard AC outlet. Optionally, you can add a 12V DC adapter which will allow you to run it from an external 12V DC battery. Essentially, this converts the CSFree to a DC/DC charger, maintainer and booster. This added functionality will allow you to charge and maintain batteries from your vehicle. Your tow vehicle can be used to maintain or charge your RV, boat or UTV batteries or visa vera. You can also charge your phone and laptop batteries. Finally, you can use your vehicle to recharge the internal battery of the CSFree so you can go on extended trips without access to AC power.

There is also an optional solar kit available for the CSFree. This kit consists of a solar panel with a USB-C connector which converts the CSFree into a solar charge controller. The panel can be used to charge the internal battery of the CSFree. Like any other power source connected to the power input, the solar panel can also be used directly to charge, maintain or boost attached devices.


The CTek CSFree Battery Charger is a versatile device for charging and maintaining batteries from your vehicles to your electronic devices. With charging, boosting, maintenance and powerbank features built in and the ability to operate from AC, DC and solar sources, the CSFree does the work of many devices in a single, light weight, portable unit that you can take anywhere.

So go ahead and check this product out!

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