Chrome Rocker Panels; Can they cover up rust on your vehicle?

rocker panels

Can a set of Chrome Rocker Panels be used to cover up small rust spots on your vehicle or not? If so; can I easily install a set of chrome rocker panels myself? The answer is yes because in many cases a set of chrome rocker panels can be used for such a purpose if they are installed properly. NOTE: On most vehicle applications these chrome rocker panels will fit on the”LOWER” edge of the door itself and proceed upward . If you have any rust spots that are “BELOW” the door itself; then unfortunately most chrome rocker panels are not  designed to fit below the doors for most vehicle applications.

Before actually applying  these chrome rocker panels over rust spots; it is a good idea to use a wire brush first to remove the rust; and then apply some rust naval jelly over these areas to help prevent any further rust damage. Then clean the whole entire area where the chrome rocker panels will be installed with a good cleaner degreaser and alcohol before applying each piece.

But how do you actually get these rocker panels onto your vehicle?

Easy!  Just follow the below tips:

  1. Hold each rocker panel up to the side of your vehicle, so that you can tell exactly where it needs to go.
  2. Dip a soft rag in some acetone, and wipe the spot where your rocker panels are going to attach to your vehicle.  Then, follow up with a soft rag that’s been dipped in alcohol.  Remember, if you don’t clean the area thoroughly, your rocker panels won’t adhere correctly!
  3. Peel off the adhesive backing, and slowly position the top corners of the rocker panel onto your vehicle.
  4. Using slight pressure, adhere the panel to your vehicle’s surface.  Be careful, though!  You only have one chance to get this step right!  If you try to lift up the rocker panel and place it somewhere else, you’ll damage the piece!
  5. Grab either a soft rag or a rubber roller, and press it over the rocker panel.  That way, you can make sure that the panel has adhered properly.
  6. Peel off the white coating on the front of the panel, and use a mild cleaner to remove any fingerprints that might have gotten on the chrome.

Just like that, and you’re done!

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