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Discover the Advantages of an ARROW Carport!

Attachment Style of Carport   Most people like to keep their vehicle looking its best, and a carport is a great way to protect it from harsh elements like sunlight, rain, and snow. We have different styles available to suit your needs. Whichever you choose, your vehicle, ATV, or outdoor equipment can sit comfortably tucked away from the harsh sun or inclement weather. The “Attachment Style” carport is perfect for anyone who wants a carport attached to their house. Not only could this be used as a carport, but it could also be a patio cover. You could [...]

April 30th, 2020|Home & Garden|

Here are Storage Sheds that looks Stunning!

Storage sheds are a necessity for many people today. People have tools, equipment, and many other things that need to be housed in a safe and secure location. A storage shed is a great way to add additional space outside where you can store all your equipment. With many innovative and unique designs available today, storage sheds no longer need to be an eyesore. Our Woodridge line of storage sheds gives the realistic look of real woodgrain finish in a durable and long-lasting steel material. This shed will blend in perfectly to your backyard and match your existing décor. The [...]

April 16th, 2020|Home & Garden|

Which is the easiest Patio Deck to Install and Configure to Any Shape?

An UDECX modular decking system offers an innovative solution for expanding and improving any outdoor living space regardless of the home design. There are lots of benefits of having your own patio deck. Not only can this additional outdoor space provide you with a private place to unwind, but it also offers an additional space to gather with your family and friends. Probably the most obvious advantage of an UDECX patio decking system is its modular design. Its decking surface is made up of uniform 40” inches square surface pads that provides easy installation and arrangement when combined with other [...]

February 10th, 2020|Home & Garden|

Here’s Why Contractors Use and Recommend UDECX Patio Deck for Homes

There are many reasons why contractors should recommend using a UDECX Patio Deck for home remodeling projects; mostly because of its completely do-it-yourself set of components. Everything is included in the kit and you can easily install it within a couple of hours without having to rush for building permits and etc. This is a completely no hassle way of turning that outdoor space into something more useful and beautiful. Most importantly for the budget minded consumer, the UDECX patio deck is much cheaper and quicker to install than compared to a traditional concrete patio. In addition the UDECX Patio [...]

February 10th, 2020|Home & Garden|

Easily Upgrade Your Camper or Motorhome With a UDECX Patio Deck!

Quickly and easily upgrade your Camper or Motorhome with a deck that is very easy to install, plus it's portable as well! UDECX offers a modular and portable composite decking system that you can easily install all by yourself. With it's upgraded modular system, you can now easily transform your outdoor camping space that also has a beautiful deck in just a very short time. Then everyone will be able to comfortably sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors, and also the campfire as well. The UDECX deck is a very heavy duty composite deck surface pads made of polypropylene [...]

February 10th, 2020|Home & Garden|