How to Install an Amazing Patio Deck in Just Hours!

How would you like to have an amazing and affordable patio deck in just hours? Well we have just the perfect solution! UDECX is a modular, portable and easy to install DIY patio deck system in a box that transforms your outdoor living space in just a short time.


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An UDECX modular decking system offers an innovative solution for expanding and improving any outdoor living space regardless of the home design. There are lots of benefits of having your own patio deck. Not only can this additional outdoor space provide you with a private place to unwind, but it also offers an additional space to gather with your family and friends.

composite decking

Probably the most obvious advantage of an UDECX patio decking system is its modular design. Its decking surface is made up of uniform 40” inches square surface pads that provides easy installation and arrangement when combined with other surface pads. The UDECX starter kit is shipped in a single box complete with easy to follow instructions making it one of the fastest decking systems to install regardless of the outdoor environment. Because of its modular design, UDECX can be easily adapted or altered to suit specific requirements of any homeowner.


It’s Portable and Easy to Install!

Why is this composite decking system so innovative and unique? An UDECX decking system is very portable and extremely lightweight without sacrificing the product’s durability and strength. Its portable design means it can be installed temporarily or permanently depending on the preferences of the homeowner.

composite decking

This UDECX patio deck is also very easy to install with no cutting, nailing or drilling required. Installations can be done by yourself or with the help of another person and it can be done in just a couple of hours. This is mostly due to its modular design where all you need is a single tool provided in the starter kit. This UDECX decking system was designed with the consumer in mind. Its modular components allow anyone to easily install in just a few hours with only a few tools. Also, in most cities there is no need for contractors or building permits required in order to install this product.


Easy Expansion Design!

One of the good things about an UDECX decking system is that you can easily take it apart, relocate it or redesign your current decking for expansion or configure it to another shape. The UDECX system is created to easily come apart just as easily as it installed. Its modular design enables you to easily relocate, reconfigure or expand the deck to any configuration you may like.


After you install the decking system, you can buy additional pieces if you want to expand your existing UDECX decking. Its modular design allow for easy expansion so if you install your starter kit this year, you can easily buy additional components the following year so you can expand your current patio deck and change your existing decking design.

All UDECX components are designed to seamlessly work together because its modular system makes sure that future components will still work with any of its current decking kits. However, if it takes several years before you decide to expand your patio deck, the color of your current deck may have slightly faded. If this happens, the new installation may be a bit off in color. Although this decking system is extremely weather proof and designed with UV protection, slight fading may happen within the first couple of years so within that period, the colors of both the old and new installation will be close to a match.


In conclusion an UDECX patio decking system offers a wonderful way to build a magnificent and creatively designed patio decking within hours which can be easily expanded to match your growing needs for an outdoor space.

So how does UDECX compare with other decking options/products?



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