Upgrade Your Truck with the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard

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If you’re in need of a heavy-duty truck bumper with a brush guard that can seamlessly replace your existing factory bumper, the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper is designed to meet your requirements. This bumper features a welded one-piece design for enhanced durability and strength. Whether you’re looking for added protection or a rugged appearance, the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard offers a reliable solution for your truck.

Advantages of Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard

Enhanced Protection for Your Truck

The Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard provides unparalleled protection for your vehicle, shielding it from potential damage caused by collisions, off-road hazards, and other unforeseen obstacles. With its robust construction and strategically placed brush guard, this bumper ensures that your truck’s front end remains safeguarded in even the most rugged environments.

Improved Durability and Longevity

Constructed with a welded one-piece design, the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper boasts exceptional strength and longevity. This heavy-duty construction not only enhances the bumper’s resilience to impacts but also ensures that it holds up against the wear and tear of daily use. The brush guard further contributes to the durability, protecting the grille and headlights from debris, branches, and other potential hazards.

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Features of Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper

Welded 1-Piece Design

The Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper is built with a solid welded 1-piece design, ensuring exceptional durability and structural integrity. This design provides robust support and protection, making it ideal for withstanding impacts and rough off-road conditions.

Black Powder Coating for Rust Prevention

Equipped with a black powder coating, the bumper offers superior resistance to corrosion and rust, extending its lifespan and maintaining a sleek appearance. The powder coating serves as a reliable barrier against environmental elements, ensuring long-term protection for your vehicle.

Brush Guard for Additional Protection

Integrated with a brush guard, the bumper provides added protection for the front end of your truck, safeguarding against potential damage from brush, branches, and debris during off-road adventures. This feature enhances the overall durability and defensive capabilities of the bumper.

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Easy Replacement for Factory Bumper

With a design focused on ease of installation, the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper offers a seamless replacement for your factory bumper, eliminating the need for extensive modifications. This user-friendly installation process streamlines the upgrade, making it accessible for truck owners.

Maximum Strength Construction

Crafted from heavy gauge diamond plate and schedule 40 pipe, the bumper is engineered for unparalleled strength and resilience. The combination of premium materials ensures that the bumper can withstand heavy-duty use and impacts, providing reliable protection for your vehicle.

Center Section Punch Plate Grille for Extra Protection

Featuring a center section punch plate grille, the bumper reinforces the front end of your truck, offering an additional layer of defense against potential impacts and debris. This grille design complements the overall rugged aesthetic while enhancing protective capabilities.

Retains Factory Tow Hooks, Fog Lights, and License Plate

The Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper is designed to seamlessly accommodate your factory tow hooks, fog lights, and license plate, preserving the functionality and aesthetics of your original setup. With this feature, the bumper integrates seamlessly with your truck’s existing components.

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Accommodates Parking Sensors

Equipped with accommodation for parking sensors, the bumper ensures that advanced safety features on your truck remain fully functional. This thoughtful design element allows for a harmonious integration of modern technology with the enhanced protective capabilities of the bumper.

Convenient Front Receiver Hitch

The inclusion of a front receiver hitch provides added versatility, allowing for the attachment of accessories and equipment to the front of your truck. This feature enhances the utility of the bumper, offering increased functionality for various off-road and towing applications.

Winch Compatibility

Certain models of the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper are winch-ready, designed to accommodate most winches up to 18,000 lbs. This capability enhances the bumper’s utility, empowering truck owners with the option to integrate a powerful winch for additional recovery and towing capabilities.

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Easy No-Hassle Installation

Custom Fit Application for Many Pickups

The Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard is designed for easy installation on a wide range of pickup trucks, ensuring a custom fit for each application. With precision engineering, the bumper seamlessly replaces the existing factory bumper, providing a seamless and professional look while enhancing the durability and functionality of the vehicle.

Mounting Hardware & Installation Guide Included

This heavy-duty truck bumper comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and a comprehensive installation guide. The inclusion of these components ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing truck owners to equip their vehicles with the Promax bumper without the need for additional parts or accessories. This thoughtful inclusion saves time and money, providing convenience and peace of mind to the user.

Free Factory Tech Support for Installation Issues

In the event of any installation challenges, truck owners can rely on the free factory tech support provided. This valuable assistance ensures that any issues or questions during the installation process can be promptly addressed, guaranteeing a smooth and successful installation. With access to expert advice and guidance, customers can proceed with confidence, knowing that assistance is readily available.


In conclusion, the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard offers a seamless replacement for your factory bumper with its welded one-piece design. This provides a sturdy and reliable option for truck owners seeking enhanced protection and durability. With its easy installation process, this bumper is a practical choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicle without the hassle of complicated modifications. The combination of functionality and strength makes the Promax Heavy Duty Truck Bumper with Brush Guard a valuable addition to any pickup truck.