Chrysler Voyager Running Boards; It truly adds Easy Step Access and Styling!

chrysler voyager

Chrysler Voyager | Chrysler Pacifica Running Boards. Painted Style

The Chrysler Voyager is the family friendly vehicle from Chrysler, so why not make it easier for everyone to get into and out of yours with a pair of custom running boards? Think how having a sturdy, yet attractive set of running boards will make your Chrysler Voyager so much more functional and enjoyable! Besides it will add true attractive styling that compliments the overall looks of your vehicle as well.

If you’re worried about durability, our Chrysler Voyager running boards are designed to handle the everyday usage, while providing a totally rust free finish for years to come. In addition these running boards are designed to properly support the weight of adult passengers without cracking or breaking down.

Because they look good AND they’re built to last.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Thanks to their sleek design, special construction, and black step pads, our Chrysler Voyager running boards adds true styling that also compliments the overall looks of your vehicle. But since they’re not available as a factory option, you’ll have to buy them custom made…

…Luckily, the end result is well worth it; because we have a set of running boards that are truly custom made to exactly custom fit the Chrysler Voyager and the overall price will not break your bank account!

chrysler voyager running boards

Chrysler Voyager | Chrysler Pacifica Running Boards. TPO Style

Unlike universal running boards which are made to fit a number of different vehicle models other than the Chrysler Voyager, these running boards are customized to fit perfectly on your vehicle. Since our running boards are made specifically for the Chrysler Voyager you don’t have to make any modifications to your vehicle for them to fit properly.

If you want to install your new running boards yourself, it’s easy to do. Here at, we include all of the mounting hardware you’ll need, along with easy-to-follow instructions.  That way, you can make your vehicle look great — without paying someone else a fortune to get it that way!

Heads up — Chrysler doesn’t offer these types of running boards for the Chrysler Voyager, but luckily for you we do carry these running boards which are Chrysler dealer approved. Once you have installed these running boards though, your Chrysler Voyager will be the ENVY of every other driver out on the road!


I wanted to thank you a your company for the QUALITY running boards for my 2011 Acadia Denali, no one else in the business not even GMC makes running boards for this model. I get so many compliments on the paint match up, and how great they look on my Acadia. My salesman at the dealer was really impressed with the quality and look, as well as some of the mechanics. I’m very happy with the product, so I just wanted to let you know, thanks again.

D. Fletcher
Largo, Florida

Hey Ron!

Can’t thank you enough!!!! the “Running Boards are AWESOME”!!!! It is one of the best things I have purchased for any of my cars. My SUV looks GREAT!!!! and I have been getting a lot of compliments about how the truck looks so I have been giving out your website. Thanks’s again!!!!

J. De La Paz
Los Angeles, California

Thank you Ron for the follow up. I did receive my running boards and they arrived quickly; well packaged/ protected and the paint was very close to the factory finish. I’m very pleased with the product; and especially the service. Keep up the good work; you have won a repeat customer with me.

S. Morland
Woodland Park, Colorado

Dear Ron:

The running boards for my 2011 Explorer arrived yesterday and Ford installed them today. Took longer than mentioned; but the results are great. My dealer was very impressed.

They look like they were made for it; and not an add on.

Thank You!
J. Leighton
Phippsburg, Maine