Easily Upgrade Your Camper or Motorhome With a UDECX Patio Deck!



Quickly and easily upgrade your Camper or Motorhome with a deck that is very easy to install, plus it’s portable as well! UDECX offers a modular and portable composite decking system that you can easily install all by yourself. With it’s upgraded modular system, you can now easily transform your outdoor camping space that also has a beautiful deck in just a very short time. Then everyone will be able to comfortably sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors, and also the campfire as well.

composite decking

The UDECX deck is a very heavy duty composite deck surface pads made of polypropylene and thermoplastic polymer resin using the industrial compression molding process. To provide extra structural support, fiberglass infill has been included as well as a UV inhibitor to help protect the deck surface from overexposure to extreme heat. The inclusive risers, piers and shims are all made from recycled polypropylene resin with added talc for additional strength to ensure years and years of use.

Having a UDECX deck offers a lot of benefits to owners of any Camper or Motorhome who want to improve their outside space. Because this is modular, you can buy additional pieces and expand it without hassle. All UDECX components are designed to ensure easy expansion. This means that if you install it today, you can buy additional components later on to expand your existing deck according to your preferences.


UDECX composite decking system provides you with the advantage of an being able to construct your patio even without professional help. UDECX is equipped with a starter kit complete with a single tool which is all you will need to build a one of a kind outdoor living space for whatever purpose you have in mind. Other benefits of UDECX composite decking system are:

  • This modular deck is an easy –to -install and do –it –yourself construction that requires minimal maintenance. This is very easy to assemble and you do not need to cut, drill or hammer down nails. At most, you will need another helper if the installation is quite complex and it can be done within a few hours.
  • Because this is made of polypropylene and thermoplastic polymer, you do not have to worry about wood rot, insects or pests that will destroy your structure. This is made of 100% composite materials without any wood fillers that may be damaged by insects or water log.
  • With a UDECX composite decking system, you are guaranteed to enjoy a hassle – free building and construction. You do not need to furnish building permits or deal with contractors. Created with the consumer in mind, UDECX modular components have been designed to make it easier for anyone to install the entire structure in just a short period of time.
  • The UDECX composite decking system is very durable and long lasting that’s why it carries a 15 year limited warranty. The only maintenance you need after installation is the suggested yearly cleaning of all components.
  • One of the major advantages of UDECX composite decking system is that you can build other configurations besides the traditional square patio. This is because the basic building block that serves as the primary structure of the UDECX system is a 40″ x 40″ square pad available in two colors, the Cedar Red or the Flint Grey. Starting your construction with basic square building block, you can build almost all types of configuration and the only limit is your creativity. Think of it as a Lego, as long as you have the required components, you can make your patio deck as unique as possible. By purchasing a UDECX composite decking system provides owners of any Camper or Motorhome with all the benefits of a conventional deck minus all the hassles that are often associated with construction. And with its unparalleled durability, your patio construction is guaranteed to last a lifetime.So go ahead and upgrade your Camper or Motorhome with a UDECX composite decking system and start enjoying the camping experience as it was truly made to be.

So how does UDECX compare with other decking options/products?