Here’s The Hottest Car Show Trend in 2023

hood mirror kits dispalyed at car show

Are you looking for that special something that will set your classic car apart from the others at car shows? Need something that will give your ride that extra pizazz to turn heads and win awards? Our mirror kits for classic cars will give you just what you need!

Available in both hood kits and trunk kits, these mirrors will perfectly accent your vehicle and create a perfect reflection onto your hood or trunk lid. Why not really set things off and order the hood and trunk package kit!

Our mirror kits for classic cars are manufactured from a high-grade acrylic mirror material that is able to withstand high engine heat. This material is so much better than traditional glass mirrors because it will not crack or break. These mirrors are made to last and make your car look great for years to come.

cadillac displayed at car show

Have you ever run into the frustration of installing a part on your car only to have it not fit properly? You won’t have to worry about that with our mirror kits. They are custom made to be an exact fit for your specific model!

We have kits available to fit many popular classic cars. In addition, we have kits that fit some late model vehicles as well. If we don’t have a kit for your car, don’t worry. We can also do custom orders! Simply provide us paper templates of the pieces that you need, and we can custom make them for you. Getting a custom mirror kit for your car has never been easier.

chevy impala displayed at car show

Installation is also a breeze. Our kits include everything that you need including a caulking gun with adhesive, masking tape, instructions and access to free factory support. Should you run into any issues at all, you can contact us, and we can help you walk through the problem and solve the issue.

chevy camaro displayed at car show

We know you’ve spent countless hours getting that engine prepped, cleaned, and sparkling for everyone at the car show to see. With one of our hood mirror kits, you can double the amount of bling under the hood. Create a picture-perfect copy of the details of your engine on the underside of your hood. This is guaranteed to get many smiles from the attendees at the show!

Classic car shows are a big deal to many collectors and winning a car show is a huge deal. In order to win the Best in Show award, your classic car must have that something extra that sets it apart from the other cars at the show. Our mirror kits have helped many others win the Best in Show award, and they can help you win too!

chevy impala displayed at car shows

You will be amazed at how easy it is to install these mirror kits. Installation is a simply five step process that you can absolutely perform yourself. While we provide all necessary instructions and materials, you always have free access to factory support if needed.

The first and most important step in the installation is a thorough cleaning of the surface where you will be installing the mirror. Spend 2-3 minutes cleaning the surface with Windex and a clean rag. Once done with the cleaning, begin to apply the silicone adhesive.

63 impala displayed at car shows

Apply silicone adhesive to the center and around the entire edge of the mirror. Attach the mirror and firmly hold it in place for 7-10 minutes. Attach the provided masking tape around the edges of the mirror in order to hold it in place for 2-3 hours. This will allow the silicone thorough time to dry.

After the adhesive has dried completely, remove the masking tape to reveal your new look. You will be extremely pleased with how your classic car looks, and you will have a sense of pride in the fact that you did it yourself! These mirror kits are sure to make your car turn heads!

Get your hood or trunk mirror kit to make your car stand out from the crowd today. You can be sure that our custom-made kits will be a perfect fit for your car. You can have them installed in a matter of hours, and it will give your car a completely new look.

So go ahead and be the star of the show at your next cruise-in or car show!

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