Toyota Tacoma; A Grill Guard Truly Adds Protection & Rugged Looks!

Toyota Tacoma Grille Guard

2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Grille Guard

2016-Up Toyota Tacoma Grille Guard

2016-Up Toyota Tacoma Grille Guard

You know your Toyota Tacoma is tough. After all, you were probably first attracted to it when you saw it scaling mountains and towing things twice its size in commercials.

So, what could you POSSIBLY add onto it that will make it tougher?

A grill guard!

These accessories are also called “brush guards”, but either way, your Toyota Tacoma needs one for these 4 reasons:

1. They’ll protect your truck from damage!

No matter how tough your truck is, the last thing you want is road debris or an accident to ruin the front end. Consider a grill guard to be like a facemask for your truck. Just like football players protect their faces from damage with a facemask during a football game, you can protect your truck’s “face” out on the road!

2. They’ll protect what’s under the hood, too!

Damage to your hood is bad enough. But things get even worse when you wind up with damage under your hood. For example, even a minor crash can damage your radiator — and wind up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Luckily, a brush guard will offer just as much protection to your radiator, engine, battery, and everything else that lives underneath your hood!

3. They look cool!

Most things that offer protection aren’t known for their style. Luckily, grill guards can look awesome. Thanks to completely custom details — like your choice of either a polished chrome finish or a black powder coated finish; special headlight design; and pre-drilled holes that allow you to easily add auxiliary lighting to your grille guard. Your Toyota Tacoma can look rougher and tougher than any truck out on the road, even if don’t do anything nearly as cool as what you see trucks doing in commercials!

4. They’re super easy to install!

Thanks to it’s welded 1 piece design in which everything is already assembled for you; the grill guard easily bolts to the existing holes in your frame underneath your vehicle. If you know how to operate a socket wrench; then you can easily install this item!