POLARIS RANGER UTV: Guess What POLARIS Failed To Include?

polaris ranger utv bumper


The Polaris Ranger UTV is an incredible machine with many uses. They are great for camping, off road adventures, hunting trips, farm work and everyday use. Modern UTV’s are very reliable workhorses with plenty of cargo room and they offer many benefits whether you are using them for work or play. Whether you are hauling hay around the farm, hauling that trophy buck back to the cabin or hauling yourself up your favorite single track trail, having a reliable, comfortable off-road ride is essential. With that in mind, the Polaris Ranger is a great UTV.

What Is The Most Important Feature Polaris Left off the Polaris Ranger?

High quality, stylish, rugged and durable bumpers. While Polaris puts a lot of effort into making every Ranger a rugged vehicle for work and play, they lack proper bumpers to protect them from the bumps and bruises they will experience in everyday life. There is a stock front bumper mounted on every Polaris Ranger that leaves the factory which provides modest protection from front impacts. Even with the factory bumper, expensive damage to the front end can happen pretty easily. Walking around to the rear, things get even worse. There is no stock back bumper at all on a Ranger. Even a minor collision in reverse can lead to expensive damage to the bed area of the UTV. While the cost of repairs alone is important, the loss of function or machine downtown can be devastating if you can’t use your UTV for what you bought it to do. Given that, bumper upgrades are one of the most common aftermarket upgrades for Polaris Ranger owners.

polaris ranger bumper

What Solutions do you have for this problem?

Fortunately, we have front and rear bumpers that are custom made for the Polaris Ranger that provide protection worthy of these great machines. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel that is both e-coated and black powder coated, you can be assured of an extremely durable and long-lasting set of bumpers that is just as rugged and tough as the Polaris Ranger itself.

On the front side, there are three excellent options. For the budget conscience, there is a factory bumper overlay kit which bolts on over top of the existing front bumper. This offers improved protection and a more rugged appearance over the stock unit. It also matches perfectly with our replacement rear bumper. There are also two options to completely replace your stock front bumper. A standard replacement, which has a similar appearance to the bumper overlay kit, and a bullnose version. Both provide great protection, a sleek appearance that matches the styling of the factory bodywork and they are winch ready. The bullnose version also adds a welded hitch receiver.

We have your backside covered with a rear replacement bumper which offers great looks and superior protection for your UTV bed. The bumper also provides integrated tow hooks and a convenient step to make accessing the bed that much easier.

Installing our bumpers front and rear will give your Polaris Ranger a consistent, rugged look front to back while providing exceptional protection to the front bodywork and bed.


utv bumper

Are the bumpers easy to install?

Yes, they are designed with ease of installation in mind. Each set is manufactured as direct bolt on parts requiring no drilling or modification of your Polaris Ranger. All you will need are some basic hand tools like a quality socket or box wrench set and you’ll have your new bumpers installed in no time.polaris ranger bumper

polaris ranger bumper

Are they expensive?

No, the great news is that the cost will not break your bank account as the price is quite affordable. We offer four great options so you can balance your budget with the amount of protection you want to add to your UTV. Front and rear bumpers assemblies are offered separately so you can upgrade all at once or choose the areas you want to tackle first. You can also opt to for our front bumper overlay. This lower cost option goes over the factory front bumper to add additional protection, style and a matching appearance to our rear bumper.

In conclusion, the Polaris Ranger UTV is a great off road vehicle for work and play. It offers rugged dependability and a comfortable ride whether you are working your land, hunting, or just enjoying a day on the trails. As with any off road vehicle, it is bound to experience its share of bumps and bruises along the way. Our bumpers offer the best protection against those events and they will help keep your UTV operational while minimizing costly damages.

In conclusion, with all of the many benefits that our Polaris Ranger UTV bumpers offers; you just gotta get them. After all your Polaris Ranger deserves it in a number of ways.