Take your Toyota Tacoma to the next level with this awesome looking Sport Rollbar!

roll bar installed on a ford f150

roll bar installed on a truck

Think your Toyota Tacoma is good enough all on its own? After all the Toyota Tacoma is a tough and highly reliable truck. So, what could you POSSIBLY add onto it that will make it tougher?

After all there are a lot of Toyota Tacoma accessories offered; but if you love that rugged, off-road, old-school look, you’ve got to get your Tacoma a roll bar.

Even better, a top-notch roll bar will even make your pickup safer!

Because it mounts to the top of your truck bed rails, a rollbar will help keep your Tacoma stable during even the tightest of turns. Traditionally these roll bars are used in offroad racing trucks, but they’ll prevent your Toyota Tacoma roof from caving in if it ever rolls over.

roll bar installed on a ford f150

roll bar installed on a pickup

But let’s get back to the looks…

After all, that’s the biggest reason why truck owners love roll bars! They add that classic offroad look to your truck. And since our rollbars are made out of durable steel that can either get a black powder coat finish or a shiny polished stainless steel finish, they’ll as a rugged touch of class to your truck. If you really want to go all out, you can easily install lights that attach to the top of the rollbar.

roll bar specifications

Best of all, the roll bars are designed to be easily installed as they come with pre-drilled holes that will fit perfectly on your Toyota Tacoma. And yes all of the mounting hardware is included for a truly hassle free installation.

Bottom line — a roll bar is an easy, affordable way to kick your Tacoma up a few notches!