How to Upgrade Your Ford F150 with a Heavy Duty Roll Bar!

roll bar installed on a ford f150

roll bar installed on a truck

So, before you take your Ford F150 on some serious trails, you may want to consider installing a truck roll bar to add some rigidity to your pickup. This accessory is not just about improving the look of your truck because it also provides you and your vehicle with ample protection from damage should your truck rolls over accidentally. Roll bars are also perfect for mounting additional roof lights or use it as your anchor points in securing your gears in the truck bed.

Obviously, roll bars are meant to copy the full-frame roll cages of desert racing trucks whose original design runs all the way down to the truck’s frame, giving the vehicle extra rigidity and protection in the event of a rollover. Even with today’s modern truck design, roll bars are definitely making a huge comeback particularly for truck lovers who want that offroad, rugged look on their pickups.

roll bar installed on a ford f150

roll bar installed on a pickup

The Ford F150 is already a very reliable truck all by itself. But if it is not yet good enough for you and you want to add something to it to make it look tougher, installing a roll bar on your truck can more than make it look better. This option is perfect especially if you want that rugged off – road look. And if you choose a high end, heavy duty F150 a roll bar, your Ford pick-up will even be a lot safer than its stock counterpart.


Roll bars are usually mounted on top of the truck bed rails. This position helps keep the pickup a lot stable and balanced even during tight turns. Although roll bars are usually installed on trucks designed for off road racing, installing one on your Ford F150 will prevent it from caving in or collapsing when the truck rolls over during an accident.

If you are a true truck guy, adding a truck roll bar on your Ford F150 will definitely give it that classic off-road look. Top of the line roll bars are made from heavy duty, industrial grade, durable steel that comes with glossy, stainless steel or black powder coat. These roll bars also designed as plug and play with its pre-drilled holes that will fit without a glitch on your F150 for easy installation. When you buy a truck roll bar, all the mounting hardware are included.

It is easy to find a roll bar for your Ford F150. Regardless of bed size, this will fit most F150 pickup trucks. This roll bar is also universally compatible with almost all types of roll-up, retractable bed covers and some models of folding tonneau covers.roll bar specifications

Truck roll bars have been used for years to enhance the looks and safety of pickup trucks even if it is not for off road racing purposes. And while it can really help improve the looks of your Ford F150, roll bars are designed with safety purpose and functionality in mind. When you love driving along dark trails, you can easily install led light bars or fog lights on top of the roll bar.

This is not just made to make your Ford F150 look ruggedly handsome but also make your pickup a lot safer to drive.

Bottom line — a roll bar is an easy, affordable way to kick your F150 up a few notches!