What Every Pickup Owner Needs to Know About a Roll Bar!

Most pickup truck owners don’t need much convincing when it comes to adding accessories to their pickup trucks.  The truck accessory market has exploded in the last few years, and roll bars are an accessory that adds to the look of your truck and serves a functional purpose. Here are some reasons why customers choose to install a roll bar.


roll bar



»They Look Great!

First, and likely the most important to many people who own trucks, is that roll bars will make your truck look great!  Roll bars provide a tough and rugged off-road look that will definitely turn heads as you drive.  Some accessories are present on almost every truck on the road, but you’ll stand out from the crowd with a great set of roll bars.

You can get our roll bars in either a black powder coat finish or a shiny, polished stainless-steel finish.  This allows you to match the current look of your truck and add a unique accessory that gives the look of your truck a major upgrade.

Regardless of which finish you choose, our roll bars are made of durable steel that is built to last.  Our powder coat finish roll bars include a 5-year limited warranty while the stainless-steel finish product comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

While we’re on the topic of looks, you can really transform the look of your truck with the optional lighting allowed by these roll bars.  These roll bars include 5 pre-drilled holes for easy installation of optional lighting.  If you prefer light bars, we can accommodate up to a 40” wide LED light bar as well.

roll bar installed on a ford f150

roll bar installed on a pickup

»Added Functionality!

Not only do the roll bars make your truck look great, but they are functional as well.  They help to prevent damage to the cab of your pickup truck in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a rollover accident.  This helps to keep the passengers safe from serious injury during a potentially deadly rollover.

Roll bars help to stabilize your pickup truck during tight turns, so they are great for sport trucks!  They can also protect your back glass from sliding cargo in the bed of the truck.  Have you ever been transporting something in the bed of your truck when you had to slam on the brakes in traffic?

Naturally, whatever you are carrying in the bed slides forward when you heavily apply the brakes.  Imagine that cargo load slides too far and crashes through the back window of your truck.  That would be a terribly unfortunate situation.  Roll bars can prevent this situation as they protect your rear window from shifty cargo.

If you opted to install the additional lighting as part of your roll bar upgrade, those lights can really come in handy during dark off-road adventures.  Easily light up your trail from the higher vantage point provided by mounting lights on the top of your new roll bars.  We even provide an optional actuator setup that allows you to retract your lights when they’re not in use!

roll bar specifications

»Easy to Install!

Our roll bars are easy to install and we have applications that will fit most full-size and mid-size pickup trucks.  This includes all the major makes and models.  The roll bars have pre-drilled holes for easy installation, and they come with all instructions and hardware needed for a smooth and simply install.  As always, if you run into issues, our free professional support is here to help.

Have a tonneau cover on your truck bed?  Don’t worry as our roll bars are compatible with most retractable and rollup bed covers, and they even work with many folding tonneau bed covers.  Our unique design is easily mounted to the bed rail even with most bed covers in place.


Roll bars are a great way to add to both the functionality and look of your truck.  Give your new truck that classic tough, off-road look.  You can also easily add lights to this kit to make your truck stand out even more.  Our roll bars are available in both black and shiny stainless finishes and fit most full-size and mid-size trucks.

This is a great way to give your truck an upgrade without a huge cost or hassle.  You can easily install these roll bars on your own, and you’ll love the way your truck looks afterward.  In addition, it provides extra protection should you ever be involved in a serious accident.

Bottom line — a roll bar is an easy, affordable way to kick your truck up a few notches!

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