How to Install a Brush Guard | Grille Guard Easily!

tacoma brush guard

So you decided to purchase and install a brush guard, also sometimes called a grille guard for your vehicle. This highly popular accessory adds many benefits besides providing front-end protection from damage, while adding that truly rugged off-road look that has been the rage for the past few years. Now you might be thinking whether or not this is a DIY project, or whether you need to hire an installation shop to professionally install this item for you.

dodge ram brush guard

In this short article we are going to show you how you can easily install a brush guard by yourself without paying the sometimes high expense of taking your vehicle to a professional installation shop to have this work done. Besides you will get the true satisfaction that comes with accomplishing a task by yourself. If you have a set of basic hand tools, along with a good set of wrenches, then you can accomplish this task in just a few short hours. Since most brush guards are a pre-assembled 1 piece design, this makes the installation task much easier. Also most brush guard applications require NO-DRILLING and are basically a bolt-on item that uses the existing holes that are already in your vehicle frame.

brush guard

For demonstration purposes only, please see the below sample installation instructions. Since most vehicle applications will install pretty much the same in many respects, this will give you a general rough idea of what the installation process involves. NOTE: When you order a brush guard from us, you will receive a detailed installation manual for your exact vehicle in which the installation steps might be a little bit different.


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